Miami has always had an aura of luxury, combined with softness and a lust for life. The city represents America very

well, overdoing some of its clichés, which the Caribbean ambiance sublimates while sprinkling them with a grain of

salt to boost its creativity and eccentricity.

Since 2002, the world of contemporary art and design has been buzzing every month of December under the

spotlights of Art Basel Miami, which captures the attention of amateurs and collectors from around the world, with

the quality of what one can see and buy there, but also with its very particular atmosphere in which one likes to let

oneself slide. The city has become an unavoidable place to be.

TheArtpark is a new space dedicated to the theme of mobility, supporting this thought process on global scale,

through exhibitions, events and editions.

Mobility is a timeless theme, which has found itself amplified in our current world where everybody is constantly

on the move. Since the dawn of time, and even in order just to survive, man has travelled and migrated. Today,

the means of transportation allow him to do it more and more quickly, all the while questioning this very frenzy.

The miles seem to shrink while the questions are multiplied with regards to the damages done to nature, climate

change, and the necessity to slow down. Mobility is an intrinsic part of humanity. If we take the concrete example

of the car, this mobility, associated with the machine, has acquired an iconic status, and is sometimes a sign of its

driver’s status.

The worlds of fashion, beauty, and accessories, are evolving to embrace the unprecedented lifestyles of the new

nomads who travel around the globe, and mobility has never been so scrutinized. It shall be food for thought for the

plastic artists who have been invited into this 1000m2 space. A space dedicated to exchange, innovation, or even

protest, where each and every one will be able to participate, while analyzing with passion and distance. Because

mobility is indeed what brings us together, or tears us apart, before reuniting us with others.

Very open to the outside in its architectural configuration, TheArtpark is dedicated to the international scene, while

resolutely rooted in the Floridian soil. It aims to combine this aesthetic, this diversity, and this curiosity which are

very characteristic of this city; a classical beauty, which dare not to comply with ever too rigid codes. Miami identifies

itself as a fertile soil for experimentation, which is also one of the main ambitions of TheArtpark. The inaugural

exhibition will thus open a dialogue between stars of the art market and more confidential names, which any

amateur, collector, or talent scout is always on the lookout for, around the world, in a relentless mobility… whether

it be physical or intellectual.